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Both Catherine & Martin Huard are native to Washington State and are excited about the opportunity to offer you some great Quarter Horse prospects. They divide their time between two family-owned ranches; a small ranch in the Columbia Basin and a larger ranch in the Okanogan Highlands that is used for summer grazing. While they are just getting started on their own breeding program, Catherine is the fourth generation to breed horses in her family.

Catherine's great grandfather, William C. Wolkenhauer, settled near Pocahontas, Iowa in the latter part of the 19th Century. He farmed and raised Percheron-cross horses, many of which he sold to the French army during World War I. He always had several snappy teams and took great delight in driving half-broke buggy horses. Catherine's grandfather, John A. Wolkenhauer,
John, Bill and Old Kate
moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to raise his family and was, among other things, an active horse trader. At his zenith, he had as many as fifty horses on hand at any given time. A horse seldom stayed more than ninety days but the horse he rode for twenty some years he bought as a two-year-old.

In 1964, Catherine's father, also named William "Bill" C. Wolkenhauer, bought his first registered Quarter Horse, Zora's Wimp Cody. He was a stout two-year-old chestnut stallion of King Ranch breeding that he called Louis. He was by Babe Cody and out of a Lauro mare, which made him very tightly bred Old Sorrel. Bill owned this stallion all of his life. Louis was never shown but he was used as a ranch saddle horse, mountain trail horse, and breeding stallion. When outcrossed on his Leo mare, he produced splendid ranch horses. Bill kept almost all of the offspring from this cross and retains some of them to this day. There were no better horses out in the rocks. Louis died as an old horse, in a snowstorm out with his mares.

Louie & Bill in the Mountains

Louie and Mares
Louie and Bill

Louie and Baby John

Horn Rapids Quarter Horses

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